Analyzing Different Accounts of the Assassination of Malcolm X

April 6, 2006 yekcim531

T. A. 4.3

  • Have you ever been a witness to an event which other people present described in contrasting or conflicting ways? I have a witness to many fights in junior high and High school and when ever their was a fight the same people would be around and they would always add extra appose to telling the truth in what really happened.
  • Why do you think this happens? I believe that it happens because people are so hungry for attention so they tend to add extra things that a person might want to hear instead of telling the truth.
  • What are the responsibilities of bearing witness?  I believe it's to tell the whole truth and every detail step by step nothing extra.

 Qeustions for Analysis

  1. What details of the events has each writer selected to focus on? The Assassination of Malcolm X while he was speaking at The Audubon Ballroom
  2. How has each writer organized the details that have been selected? They focused  on the assassination of Malcolm X and his first words before he was shot and they also focused on the person or person's who did it.
  3. How does the writer interpret Malcolm X, his followers, the gunmen, and the significance of the assassination? The writers state that Malcolm X is an Negro who is also an extremist. He is the shrillest voice of black supremacy. His followers" Malcolm is our only hope. You can depend on him to tell it like it is and to give Whitey hell."Some of the reports state that he was killed "not by whitey but by members of his own race."
  4. How has each writer used the language to express his or her perspective and to influence the thinking of the reader? the writer used strong words and strong detail to make it seem as if you were really there. Which language style do you find most effective? The quotes from Followers, the way they described the killer. And how everyone felt after the death of Malcolm X

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